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After making separate fortunes in real estate, business and the stock market, l decided to start coaching professionally in 2001. That was just before acknowledging I knew far less about life, business and marriage than I had thought, and just after blowing up my life through poor choices, bankruptcy and divorce.

In 2002, still learning from my mistakes, I wrote a book called Set Yourself Free: The Guide For Drunks, Smokers, Addicts and Millionaires. The book demonstrated how I conquered my own drug and alcohol addictions back in the early nineties. Set Yourself Free was founded on my belief there is always a choice. Not about what happens, about the meaning we give what happens.

Though I didn't realize it at the time, looking back on it now, I probably wrote that book more to help myself than others. Specifically, to become more responsible. To give myself more power, freedom and choice in the way that I was living. In other words, more response-ability. Ability to respond in ways that really worked.

Though the book was self-published and only sold a few thousand copies, I was surprised by the amount of work it led to. Not just counselling Drunks, Smokers and Addicts, but a lot of life and business coaching for Millionaires. Might seem an odd combination, until observing some of the similarities between alcoholics and workaholics.

For many years, in fact right up until COVID hit, I was travelling around the world working one-on-one with people to help them conquer their addictions and/or turn their businesses around. During all my travels (less glamorous than you might think), I had the honour and responsibility of working with a lot of troubled, yet highly accomplished folks. People whose lives or livelihoods had gone completely off the rails, though for many different reasons. Not necessarily fame or drugs or alcohol.

All I can say is somewhere along the line, I just became really good at helping people find their way through hell. Probably from having already been through hell and back so many times myself.

These days, while I always do my best to help people honour whatever they say is most important to them, whenever I am coaching, I always like to start by focusing on performance and results. Specifically, what are some of the numbers we can measurably improve? What will be your proof that you are making progress? And what is standing in your way?

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The only things stopping you from getting what you want is your story for why you cannot have it.

Mike Highstead

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