Prose is simply the ordinary, straightforward way of using language in sentences and paragraphs. It is how we normally communicate in everyday life, whether it be in conversations or written correspondence.

Through prose, we delve into intricate descriptions, craft compelling characters, narrate stories, and convey complex ideas and arguments. Adhering to the conventions of grammar and sentence structure, it prioritizes being clear and easy to understand.

Poetry, on the other hand, employs structure, rhyme, and rhythm to stretch emotional and cognitive boundaries, evoking powerful feelings and exploring new depths of understanding.

With my own writing, I am an equal opportunity rule-breaker. Both poetry and prose offer ample opportunities to push the envelope. The only distinctions I draw are how quickly, how far, and with what intent. To entertain, educate or elevate?

Oh what fun!


Simple instructions on the management of your well-being. Specifically, managing your mental, physical and emotional state, to produce the quality of results you want. Both personally and professionally.


Ootnik was a young Eskimo who enjoyed the peaceful contentment of his life. His only regret was that...


This article shows how telling better stories can improve individual and team performance. It explains the 5 Elements Of An Empowering Story, and shows 7 ways that better stories get better results.


Wrote this in awe and tribute of my son Jonathan's sheer, bloody determination. Like our man Coolidge said, "Nothing can take the place of persistence."


An exploration of your own unconscious barriers to success, and how deploying certain strategies can help you have a breakthrough in performance and results.


We seek to hold in balance things we feel are unbalanced. Underneath it all, how do we hold such things in place?


You will either be a master of your mind or you will always be a slave to your own mental impulses. Choose.


It takes time and effort to stop a loco-motive. Loco meaning crazy. Motive meaning reason, purpose or intent.

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